On the February 11, 2020 ePayments Systems Limited (‘ePayments’) agreed with the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) to suspend all activity on its customer accounts. This decision was taken following a review, by the FCA, of ePayments anti-money laundering systems and controls, which identified weakness that required remediation.

We know this will be a very frustrating time for our customers. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are working tirelessly to ensure improvements are made and accounts can be reactivated as soon as possible. During this improvement process, we want to assure customers that their funds are being safeguarded as normal. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

ePayments 的职业生涯

Become a part of our payment system's team.


我們開發的使用者友好的支付解決方案不受邊界或距離的約束。 我們的目標是將全球的專業人士聚集在一起,線上賺錢。 我們目前已經與 100 多個國家/地區的網站管理員、自由職業者和公司合作。

ePayments 不斷發展,並定期推出新的金融工具。 我們的所有努力都是為了成為技術最先進的國際付款提供商。


ePayments 系統是面向所有線上掙錢人士的支付解決方案。 我們的目標受眾包括網站管理員、自由職業者、聯盟計畫和廣告網路。 我們建立的金融基礎結構讓他們能夠進行即時轉帳。

We work with a lot of freelancers worldwide. Every day they receive payments for their work, and rewards for attracting traffic on their e-Wallet in our system. There are no boundaries for them - ePayments helps them to receive payments from companies from any country.

In addition, we work with major service providers and platforms such as vk.com, AliExpress, PropellerAds, Adcombo. Thanks to ePayments they settle their accounts with their partners, contractors and remote employees. We are building a unified payment infrastructure that is useful both for global and local businesses.



我們的目標讓我們的客戶感到滿意。 我們表現好壞的唯一度量是客戶是否滿意。


您可以只管掙錢,但我們還得讓客戶滿意。 最後,我們既掙了錢,又很滿意。


現在是開展工作的最佳時機。 明天一切都會改變,您可能跟不上別人的腳步。


瞭解並確保您所從事的工作。 問問題、發現、思考,做正確的事情。




工作同事是你的團隊。 與他們交流最重要的是相互理解、誠實和信任。