Accept international wire transfers to personal European IBAN account

You can open an European account without visiting a bank. Make your business international with ePayments virtual IBAN*

* IBAN is provided with the consideration of the nature of your business activity

Beneficiary name
John Snow
Bank name
ePayments Systems Limited
Beneficiary name
Your Company LLC
Bank name
ePayments Systems Limited

Receive bank transfers in EUR without any fees and without conversion to an uncompetitive exchange rate

1 working day

Transfers are received by the account within one business day. No delays and currency control

168 countries

Receive transfers in EUR from 168 countries, which includes all EU members, USA and Thailand

For freelancers

Accept orders from individuals and companies worldwide. Receive both regular and one-off payments for your work in euros.

For electronic commerce

Trade without borders. Place your goods on global marketplaces. Receive payments from foreign buyers without any fees

For international businesses

Carry out business with international partners. Open a European IBAN account without registering as a business in the   territory of the European Union

Work with leading companies

More than 50 major marketplaces across the world support outpayments to your ePayments IBAN account.

Open a European account without any bureaucracy

The virtual IBAN account from ePayments can be opened from anywhere in the world without visiting a bank and without registering within the territory of the European Union.

with ePayments
Fill out an application form
and await verification
Send bank details
and start receiving payments

Withdraw cash and pay with your ePayments card

Transfer money to the ePayments card, withdraw cash in the local currency or pay for things in stores and other establishments.

Manage your account from your smartphone

Check your balance, carry out payments from your ePayments account via a browser or in the mobile application.

Open an account in ePayments swiftly

Start receiving wire transfers without any fees.

ePayments: It’s been a while, but we’re back!
On 24 December 2021, formal restrictions have been removed, and ePayments is now starting its return to business as usual.

Please see the Blog issued on 27 December which provides a detailed update or click the dedicated button to always know the latest.

Yes, it’s really happening and we couldn't be more excited! Thank you for being patient.
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