Frontend Developer

Responsibilities and duties:

Design and develop separate modules for the project

Work on improving the performance of the solution being created

Participation in concept development of the solution being created and improvement of its performance

Supporting the existing system

We require the following from the candidates:

Excellent knowledge of JavaScript, knowledge of ES5, ES6 standards

Knowledge of popular frameworks and tools, understanding of architecture and implementation: Angular (8+), React, RxJs

Proficiency in layout, experience using the latest CSS features (Flexbox, CSS Grid, CSS Variable, etc.)

Experience in cross-browser layout and mobile device layout

Experience in developing complete Single Page Application

Experience in creating frontend for REST API

Understanding of browser engines, their differences, optimisation methods for each of them

Understanding of PWA, experience in using other tools

Nice to have:

Testing experience (Unit test, E2E)

Knowledge of build tools (webpack, gulp), CI tools and node.js platform

Experience with TypeScript

Interested in this job?
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