Business analyst

Responsibilities and duties:

Collect, analyse, document and specify requirements

Negotiate requirements with stakeholders, also in English

Design functionality (including business process modelling, interface prototypes, integration solutions)

Assign tasks to developers, testers, marketers, designers, copywriters, advise team on current requirements

Coordinate processes and functionality with internal initiators

Perform acceptance of completed tasks

Conduct research on new functionalities, develop ideas and concepts

Find and debug the functional and business process bottlenecks

Analyze API partners, build schemes for using API partners in the information system being developed

Collaborate with partners to integrate their APIs

Support post-publication tasks (including functionality development, technical support consulting).

We require the following from the candidates:

At least 3 years of experience in IT projects as a business analyst

B2 in English (both written and spoken)

Understanding of software development methodologies

Experience in writing the Terms of reference, software design

Understanding of web application architecture, their API, knowledge of current trends in web applications development

Experience in interviewing customers

Knowledge of techniques for requirements gathering and analysis

Ability to systematise and structure information, clearly formulate tasks

Ability to try on other roles (customer, user)

Experience in describing business processes

Understanding of interface design principles, UI/UX

Responsibility, desire to work in a team and develop yourself

Ability to work on long-term projects without losing interest, initiative, and motivation

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