Say goodbye to cumbersome bank transfers

Getting paid from third party marketplaces or your own clients is usually the final piece of the commercial jigsaw – yet it is clearly the most important. But relying on a bank transfer can be expensive and slow, often taking up to several days. Many banks are not even set up to transfer money across certain borders, hindering the whole process of operating in different countries.

Fortunately, ePayments provides a better solution. We enable you to receive money instantly, directly from your clients – wherever they are in the world.

An easy buying process

Enter payment details

You customer sees all available payment methods, then selects ePayments

Authorisation by ePayments

Customer then log into their ePayments account

Payment via ePayments

The customer completes payment using their ePayments card or account


Convenient ways for clients to pay

Your clients can pay you directly through:

ePayments account

Their own account which can hold up to three currencies

ePayments card

An ePayments card for online and physical payments

coming soon
Other bank cards

A card from any bank

The ePayments merchant service

Instant transfers

Money is credited to your account as soon as we receive payment from your client

No outstanding fees

Fees are calculated immediately when processing payment so you can use your money straight away.

Grow your client base

Tap into ePayments eco-system of over 0.5 Million users and invite them to be your customers

Easy reporting

View your payments and any fees you have paid with our online reporting

Different currencies

Receive payments from your clients in US dollars, euros or Russian roubles

Add the ePayments button to your site

Send us your email address and we will set you up to start receiving money directly from your clients.