On the February 11, 2020 ePayments Systems Limited (‘ePayments’) agreed with the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) to suspend all activity on its customer accounts. This decision was taken following a review, by the FCA, of ePayments anti-money laundering systems and controls, which identified weakness that required remediation.

We know this will be a very frustrating time for our customers. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are working tirelessly to ensure improvements are made and accounts can be reactivated as soon as possible. During this improvement process, we want to assure customers that their funds are being safeguarded as normal. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Start getting rewarded as an affiliate

Invite your employees and friends: the more they spend, the greater your earn

How it works

You can start inviting people and earning money in four easy steps

Register with ePayments

Open an account and once it's been verified, you will be granted access to the affiliate program.

Create an affiliate link

Then, create one or more affiliate links and customise them to fit any brand you want.

Invite partners

Next, you can start inviting people to ePayments. Links can be emailed, posted in forums or even put in your blog or website. Everyone who uses the link will be counted as your referral.

Receive rewards

Now, sit back and get rewarded. Every time your referrals complete a particular action you'll receive your reward in a special eWallet

Why choose our affiliate program

Two-tier program

You receive commission not only for your referrals, but anyone your referrals also invite!

Slick API

Our easy integration enables you to create links and track their status without entering the personal area

Fast rewards

You receive rewards on a separate e-Wallet instantly

Easy access to funds

With one click, money can be transferred to your main e-Wallet and is available for use

Bespoke links

You can create links and incorporate a brand name or traffic channel text into them

In-depth statistics

In the personal area, you can find click and revenue statistics for each link

Getting rewarded

Level 1 - 5%*

You get rewarded every time your referral makes a payment or gets paid through ePayments. These are credited in the currency in which the transaction is carried out


Level 2 - 2.5%*

Have your referrals invited others to the platform? Great, you’ll get rewarded each time those secondary referrals make or receive payments through ePayments. These are credited in the currency in which the transaction is carried out.

5% and 2.5% are paid from ePayments commission revenues, excluding the shipping and re-issuing of ePayments cards, receiving payments on the ePayments e-Wallet, cash withdrawal at ATMs and at banks for level 1 and 2 referrals respectively. 0.05% and 0.025% are percentages from the amount of POS operations for level 1 and 2 referrals respectively.

Find out how much you could earn

Enter the amount you would like to earn and we will calculate the amount of referrals needed

Desired yearly income

10 000
The commission calculation is of an informative nature and is not a public offer.
Number of clients
Average operation amount per month
The commission calculation is of an informative nature and is not a public offer.

Find out more about our Affiliate Program

Do you still have questions? We may have already answered them in the help center.


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